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Officina Lazzaretto has a vast range of CNC machines for precision mechanical machining, as well as a PC workstation for Cad-Cam design and a PC workstation for dimensional control with a measuring machine.
Our range of 5-axis machines and our curiosity in always learning new production and technological processes in the field of precision mechanical machining, ensure that the entire production process is managed in a professional manner, always trying to optimize times and costs without compromising the quality of the final result.
The technical office manages the entire order starting from the cutting of the material up to the final control at the end of the mechanical processing..

We work transparently, updating the end customer on the various steps to be taken based on the established processing cycle.

We put our experience at the service of the end user to always try to improve our work and provide the best of our know-how to anyone who wants it.

In addition to precision mechanical machining, we can also provide 3D modeling services, dimensional survey, dimensional verification and required tolerances using a measuring machine.

Machine bench measurements 900x2000x800

Workstations PC: Software PC-DIMIS for continuous programming of the measuring machine

Workstations CAD-CAM: cam EDGECAM cam EDGECAM with 5-axis continuous milling module and turning module